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FLATTY Storage Bag - Small

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This flat storage bag is great to organize your little things such as notebook, postcards, pens, cell phone and so on.  This small size bag is just a little larger than a regular size Traveler's Notebook, and 1-3 inserts (depending on how fat your inserts are with decorations inside) can fit in this bag.  As this product is also for business use, it is specifically made not to have a zipper to open which normally requires 2 hands, and it will be difficult to open the zipper if you are taking a note or holding your cell phone.  Instead, it has a magnet, so you can easily open it with one hand.  The open window allows you to quickly see what is inside, and the bag is flat but also has good thickness at the same time so it keeps the items inside.

This product is originally made for a bag-in-bag style storage to keep inside your bag, but you can also use this as a to-go storage bag to your travel.

It comes in 5 colors: red, yellow, blue, navy and white.

* Size: (W)24.5x(H)14.5x(D)2cm (9.64”x5.7”x0.78”)
* Color Variation: red, yellow, blue, navy and white
* Made in Japan

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