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Rubber Stamp - Nice Day

by eric

This rubber stamp was available for a special edition at the last year's big stationery event called 文具女子博 (Bungu-jyoshi Haku) literally meaning Stationery-girls' Gather where about 120 stationery companies have pop-up shops all at the same place for one weekend like a stationery festival.

You can find her adorable work at her Instagram HERE.

* Measurement: 4cm x 4cm (1.57" x 1.57")
* Made in Japan
* Designer: eric small things

**More eric small things' Designs HERE*

Erico Matsubara is a Japanese eraser stamp artist also known as eric or eric small things.  These stamp designs are made in a way that she engraves a design on an eraser, stamps the engraved design on paper, and then a clear stamp was made from that stamped image.