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Discontinued Gold Fish Kaishi Paper with Paper Kaishi Purse, 90247-03


Set of Classiky lovely gold fish Kaishi paper/pocket paper and a paper envelope purse to store the kaishi paper great for party favors, tea time, letter paper, small gift wrapping etc. Kaishi is made of washi paper and the envelope purse is made of hybrid mulberry tree washi paper.

Kaishi or pocket paper in English is a small washi paper originally used at tea ceremonies to place under sweets or to wipe the tea bowl after drinking, and they are normally put in the envelope purse for kaishi for carrying. Besides tea ceremonies, today Kaishi is used as decorations for Kaiseki cuisine (Japanese traditional course dish), at tea house to place under sweets, stationery, small gift wrapping etc.

* Kaishi: 14.5cmx17.5cm (5.7"x7")
* Envelope Purse: 15.8×9.8cm (6.22"x3.85")
* 12 gold fish kaishi paper
* One envelope purse for kaishi paper
* Material: washi paper
* Made in Japan
* Discontinued / No Restock

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