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Customizable Stamp Storage Box - Small

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This is 印箱 (in bako) literary meaning "stamp box", and it is specifically made to organize stamps.  What is unique about this box is that you can customize inside space by changing the partition plates!

The box comes with 2 pieces of long plates and 6 short plates, and they are slid into hollows.  As 4th picture shows, you can easily remove the plates by sliding them up (when removing a long plate, please make sure to remove all short plates first.).  You can customize the space inside according to the size of your stamps.

You can remove all the plates and use the box as one box, or use only few plates to make each space a little larger.  Or you can use all of the plates according to the size of your stamps!  As 7th picture shows, it is good to use as washi tape storage, too.  Or like the 3rd picture shows, you can use it as a sewing tool box.  So many possibilities!

The 3rd picture shows a few process of how the box is made by an experienced carftsman.  The box comes in 3 sizes, all of them are available in our shop, too.

* W15.5cm x D11.5cm x H8cm (6.1” x 4.52" x 3.14")
* Wood Plate: Long plate x 2 pieces, Short plate x 6 pieces

* Made in Japan
* Photo Credit: Momolovespaper