Masking Seal Stickers - Cosmetic

by Pine Book

Cute watercolor cosmetic motif masking seal stickers for your craft project and embellishment.

Masking seal stickers have become very popular in Japan especially among planner users because unlike normal paper stickers, masking seal stickers are much thinner.  If you like decorating your planners or one-day-a-page style diary like Hobonichi techo with stickers daily, you will like masking seal stickers.  They make your planner less thick at the end of the year compared to the one decorated with regular paper stickers.  Also it is great that you can remove and reposition the stickers without leaving the residue on the paper (just like a washi tape).

* 17.5cm H x 9cm W (6.8" x 3.5")
* Made in Japan
* Brand: Pine Book

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