Chestnut Storage Box L

Chestnut Storage Box L

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A beautiful minimalistic chestnut storage box is great for keeping your postcards, memo pads, cards, stamps and little things.  This box gently handmade by a craftsman is a true piece of art, and you will cherish this box for a long years.  The traditional Japanese carpentry technique of finger joints that does not use any nail was used to assemble the joints of the box.

Our friend Momo (@momolovespaper on IG) took a beautiful photo to share what you can put in this box (first and second picture).

* Size: W17.6cm x H12.4cm x D11.6cm (6.9" x 4.8" x 4.5")
* Photo Credit: @momolovespaper
* Brand: Classiky
* Made in Japan

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