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Chobit Wit Origami Paper - Forest

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Origami used to be known as Japanese traditional art of paper holding often using plane color paper, and today it is a popular item for gift wrapping and collage use.  Chobit Wit series of Green Flash offers "chobit witty" or a little witty and warm feeling products of hand-drawn illustrations.

A pack comes with 20 sheets of cute designs origami paper (2 designs) great for your craft project, gift wrapping and party favor. The design is on one side and the other side.  You may tape different origami paper from the back to make a patchwork origami paper for bigger size use.

* Size: 15cm x 15cm (6" x 6")
* Contents: 20 sheets
* Design: 2 designs, 10 sheets per design
* Brand: Green Flash
* Made in Japan

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