Piyokomame Stickers - Bread

Piyokomame Stickers - Bread

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Make your planner even cuter with these adorable chick chickens stickers.  To add little "baked" feeling, the stickers are made of kraft paper.  This "Piyokomame" chickens are the original characters by a Japanese illustrator Tomo N.

"Piyoko" comes from the cry of a little chick "piyo piyo" and "hiyoko" which means little chick in Japanese, and "mame" means little (mame originally means "beans", but we add mame in front of animal names to mean "little as small beans" such as mameshiba for little shiba dog).

* Size: 17.5cm x 9cm (6.8" x 3.5")
* Made in Japan
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