Cherry Blossoms Washi Tape 005

by BGM
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A beautiful watercolor cherry blossoms motif washi tape for your craft project and embellishment.  Cherry blossom is the most beloved and important flower in Japan.  When we say "hanami (花見)", even though it literary means "view flower", it really means "view cherry blossoms" and in spring you see lots of people under cherry trees doing hanami picnic.

We also have words "sakura saku" which means "cherry blossom blooms" but it also means your success.  People gift cherry blossom motif cards or stationery often writing tools like pencils to a student before their entrance examination for school to wish for their success in exam and their cherry blossom will bloom in spring when the new school year starts.

* Measurement: 3cm x 7m (1.18 inch x 7.65yards)
* Brand: BGM
* Limited Quantity / No Restock

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