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Bread Letter Set - Plain Bread

This is a cute letter set of 食パン (shoku pan) or plain bread from Furukawa Paper's "bread series".  High quality Japanese Mino washi paper is used for this letter set. The set comes with 8 writing paper and 4 envelopes.

In Japan, a plain bread is called 食パン which literally means "food bread" in Japanese.  Why is it called "food bread" when it is obvious that the bread is for eating?  Well, there are several different stories behind its name, but one of the famous one is that when the bread was first introduced in Japan in the 19th century, the culture of eating bread did not spread quickly whereas the culture of using bread as an eraser for sketching did not take long to spread.  So when people saw a bread at a bakery, people did not buy them for eating because they thought it was an eraser.  So in order to distinguish a bread from a bread used as an eraser, the bakery started to call it "shoku pan" meaning food bread so that people know it was good for eating!

* Paper: 18.6cm x 13.8cm (7.12" x 5.7")
* Envelope: 14.5cm x 10cm (5.7" x 3.9")
* Quantity: 8 paper, 4 envelopes
* Material: Mino Washi
* Made in Japan
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