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Bread Letter Set - Retro Bread

This is a cute letter set of popular Japanese breads from Furukawa Paper's "bread series".  High quality Japanese Mino washi paper is used for this letter set. The set comes with 8 writing paper and 4 envelopes.

These breads illustrated in this set are one of the long seller breads that any person living in Japan has eaten at least once when they were kids.  One of the most popular ones for children is the spiral bread filled with chocolate cream.  The one of animal face bread is also popular.  If you come to Tokyo and visit Ueno Zoo where you can meet panda bears, you will find many bakeries and cafes selling panda face breads.  They are really cute and have been loved for fun memory.

* Paper: 18.6cm x 13.8cm (7.12" x 5.7")
* Envelope: 14.5cm x 10cm (5.7" x 3.9")
* Quantity: 8 paper, 4 envelopes
* Material: Mino Washi
* Made in Japan
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