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Bread Letter Set - Side Dish Bread

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This is a cute letter set of 惣菜パン (souzai pan) dish bread from Furukawa Paper's "bread series".  High quality Japanese Mino washi paper is used for this letter set. The set comes with 8 writing paper and 4 envelopes.

Sozai pan literally means side dish bread in Japanese.  There are many different sozai pan, but one of the popular ones are the ones illustrated in this letter set such as pizza toast (pizza ingredient on a toast), curry pan (a bread stuffed with curry paste), yakisoba pan (fried noodles sandwiched in a bread) etc.

* Paper: 18.6cm x 13.8cm (7.12" x 5.7")
* Envelope: 14.5cm x 10cm (5.7" x 3.9")
* Quantity: 8 paper, 4 envelopes
* Material: Mino Washi
* Made in Japan
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