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Bande Washi Stickers - 八重桜 Double Cherry Blossoms 337

by Bande

Bande stickers-like washi tapes are all renewed in a new compact packaging!

You can peel each sticker from the roll to use just like a sticker.  As this is still a washi tape, you can remove and reposition it without leaving a residue on the paper just like a washi tape!

This cherry blossom is the motif of 八重桜 (yaezakura) which is one of the popular cherry blossoms in Japan (see 4th picture).

In Japan, you start seeing cherry blossom motif items in winter.  In Japan, we say "sakura saku" literary meaning "cherry blossom blooms" but it really means your success.  Here, winter (Jan. to early March) is the season for entrance examinations for high school and university, and people gift cherry blossom items to students wishing that their cherry blossom will bloom.

* Quantity: 200 pieces of stickers-like washi tape
* Each Petal Size: within 1.4x1.6cm (0.55"x0.62")
* BRAND: Bande
* Made in Japan
* Approx. Restock Time: 2-4 weeks

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**A Little More about Bande**
We still remember the day that we first saw bande washi stickers at one of those stationery exhibition for shop owners in Tokyo few years ago.  We found a crowd in washi tape makers' area and heard lots of "wow" and "Interesting!", so we went to see what was so "wow".  And it was wow!  We ourselves are stationeryholic and both have a big washi tape collection at home, but we had never seen bande washi tapes till then.  The tape was cute, and the quality was great.  We did not know about the maker, so we went to a person from the maker to learn about them and their tapes.

Bande is a stationery brand by Nishikawa Communications established in 1906 whose strength is printing technique for books and magazines using high quality paper.  After celebrating their 100th birthday, they decided to challenge in washi tape industry using their high quality printing skill on high quality washi paper, in completely new style which is stickers-like washi tapes.  You can simply use each design like a sticker, or you can use multiple design to make a garland, washi tape circle etc.  We love using them to make washi tape circles.  We used to cut each design from the washi tape to make washi tape circles on our planners, but with bande you can skip that time-consuming part.  The roll comes with 200 pieces, so it is reasonable than using stickers for washi tape circles.  We hope you will enjoy bande as much as we do!