Bande Cat Sticker Washi Tape, BDA212

by Bande

Experience this new bande stickers-like washi tapes that you can peel each sticker from the roll to use just like a sticker. As this is still a washi tape, you can remove and reposition it without leaving a residue on the paper just like a washi tape! This is a set of 3 rolls (white cat face, clothes and legs), and you can use them separately or in a set. Dress up the cat with different clothes!

* Set of 3 rolls
* each roll 156 pieces of stickers-like washi tape
* Cat face: 1.8c1.8cm (0.7"x0.7")
* Body: 2.6x2.2cm (1.02"x0.86")
* Leg: 2x1.5cm (0.78"x0.6")
* Made in Japan
* BRAND: Bande

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