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Peracone No.93


This is a peracone roll of several yarns mixed by AVRIL, a yarn company in Kyoto Japan.  Yarns are carefully chosen, mixed and rolled by craftsman's hand to create a beautiful one yarn.  Compared to their minicone which is a single yarn, the length of the yarns on peracone are shorter, so they are great if you only need shorter length of yarns for gift wrapping, craft project and decorations.

AVRIL yarn manufacturing process involves craftsmen's hands who spin and dye the threads and people from AVRIL who bundle the threads.  Each yarn is unique in shapes, sizes and colors.

The length of the yarn differs depending on the yarn, so please check the length of each yarn before ordering!

* Length: Approx. 1.2m (1.31yards)
* Made in Japan

**Story Behind the Yarn**
One day Masami Fukui, the founder of Avril, saw 10 different yarns that did not meet the required quality standard and sent back to them from the shops.  He felt sympathy for them.  Their quality as a yarn was great but just because they were a little "not the same" as other yarns in thickness and color during the manufacturing process, they were sent to the dead stock.  He believed that these yarns are not "not the same" but "unique" and should get an opportunity to enjoy their life as a yarn.  So he decided to produce unique yarns using those uneven yarns!