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Amenomori Fumika Mini Letter Set - Girly


This mini letter set was designed for a short letter and thank you note.  Although email is more convenient and faster, still hand-written letter gives special feeling to the recipient because the sender takes time to chose the letter set and carefully think the words to go on the paper.

Hand-written note is such a special way to send a special care to someone, but sometime you may think you don't know if you can write long enough to fill out the page.  So this mini letter set was made especially for a short letter or thank you note.  The set comes with 4 writing paper and 4 matching envelope with adorable illustration by Japanese illustrator Amenomori Fumika.  Great for sending love and care to someone special!

Amenomori Fumika is known for her adorable and dreamy animal illustrations, especially cats.  She draws adorable illustrations using acrylic paints for stationery, story books, zakka and illustration lesson books.  She says that she hopes you to "meet" a little girl inside you who used to love living in a dream.

* 4 writing paper
* 4 envelopes
* Writing Paper: 14.5×10cm (5.7"x3.93")
* Made in Japan
* Limited Quantity / No Restock

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