Cookie Cutter - Alphabets Stamps

by Tiger Crown

A set of joint stamps of alphabet, numbers and symbols that comes with a cookie cutter and a case great for making messages like "Thank You", "Happy Birthday", "Love You" on cookies, clay and soaps! My sister made "thank you cookies" for her wedding guests.

**HOW TO USE (Please see the 3rd picture)**
(1) Separate the stamps (if difficult, use the stick as shown in the 3rd picture).
(2) Connect stamps by putting a stamp into the other stamp's hole.
(3) Gently press the stamp to the dough to make imprinted details.

* Content: 1 cookie cutter, 1 case, 1 stick, 68 alphabet, 20 numbers & 8 symbol stamps (see the 4th picture)
* Size: Please see the 2nd picture to compare with my iPhone.
* Imprinted Size: approx. 7mm x 9mm (0.27" x 0.35")
* Cookie Cutter Size: 5cm x 9.5cm (1.96" x 3.74")
* Made in Japan
* Limited Quantity

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