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Mini Letter Set - "Aji gami"

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YAMAMOTO PAPER is a Japanese paper company who produces unique paper items to invite you to a wonderful paper world.  This paper is called "aji gami" which means "tasty paper" in Japanese.  "Aji gami" has this simple loving retro texture to it, and in Japanese we say "aji ga aru" which means "It has a taste" to call such loving item.  The set comes with 15 mini "aji gami" paper and 5 mini "aji gami" envelopes.

* Paper: 7.5cm x 11.5cm (2.95"x4.52")
* Envelope Size: 6.5cm x 9.1cm (2.55"x3.58")

* Content: 15 mini paper and 5 mini envelopes
* Made in Japan
* Brand: Yamamoto Paper

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