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36 Sublo Washi Tape - Stationery


This is a new 36 Sublo original washi tape of stationery motif great for your craft project, planner and journal decoration, and also for a gift!

36 Sublo is a lovely little stationery shop in Kichijoji in Tokyo where you can find wide variety of cute stationery and zakka.  Their unique 36 Sublo original stationery and zakka items have been loved by many stationery love people.  You can find some of their original stationery in our shop, too!

* Size: 2.3cm x 5m (0.9"x5.46 yards)
* BRAND: 36 Sublo
* Made in Japan
* Approx. Restock Time: 2 - 4 Weeks

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