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Stained Glass Style Music 3D Christmas Tree Card

by Gakken

This listing is for a beautiful stained glass style Christmas tree card that plays Silent Night by pushing the lease below (4th picture). As 2nd picture shows, the lights shines while it plays Silent Night. Please see 5th picture for how to make it stands (make the bottom of the tree flat and pull both half-circles up).

Send a special Christmas card to someone special, or you can put this tree on your desk to enjoy beautiful Christmas. :) When sending it to someone, please enclose the card of 5th picture so that the person knows that it stands for self-standing.

* Card Size: 14.2x20cm (5.7"x7.87")
* The comes comes with an envelope.
* It plays music (Silent Night)
* It shines in the dark (see 2nd picture).
* Please see all pictures.