2023 Himekuri Sticky Calendar - Cat

2023 Himekuri Sticky Calendar - Cat

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Himekuri is a brand of stationery items designed to bring joy to your daily life. “Himekuri" itself means a calendar that can be ripped off daily to reveal the next date. In this case, you might want to save each date that you tear off because they can be used as decorative pieces in your planner, journals, or any craft projects!  This is a great calendar to display on your desk. With 365 individual designs, this is a calendar that gives you surprises throughout the year. You can also repurpose the torn off date to use with an undated planner because each piece is a sticky memo!  This does not come with a bookleft.

Please check a product review blog post HERE by our friend April where she reviewed himekuri sticky calendar in 2021.

We had a chance to meet the president of the company who produces this Himekuri calendar, and we were surprised that this calendar is actually handmade by craftsmen!  Each calendar which is a sticky note is gently placed by hand to make sure that the continuous weekly design is in the right position as if it is one picture.  To make sure that you are looking at the right week, each week has different color background, so for example if the Week 1 is drawings of cats with yellow background, you will see a blue background underneath of Week 2 when ripping off the Week 1.  The Week 3 will be different color background.  Each week is one big picture, so when you rip off Sunday, you will see the whole picture!  It is such a fun calendar.

* Size: 20.4cm x 12.9cm (8” x 5")
* Page-a-day style calendar
* Made in Japan
* Limited Quantity / No Restock

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