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2018 Limited Edition Yuko Higuchi x HOLBEIN Colored Pencils - Blue


This is a 2018 limited edition set of 15 blue colored pencils selected from HOLBEIN's Artist Colored Pencils Collection in a case with adorable illustration by a famous Japanese artist Yuko Higuchi.  These 15 blue colored pencils were carefully selected among the Collection (150 colors) by Yuko Higuchi.

HOLBEIN, an art supplier, releases beautiful items in collaboration of Yuko Higuchi every year for limited quantity.

Colors are: ①OP277 (celadon), ②OP323 (aqua), ③OP335 (cerulean blue), ④OP339 (smalt blue), ⑤OP340 (peacock blue), ⑥OP343 (turquoise blue), ⑦OP345 (Spectrum Blue), ⑧OP347 (cobalt blue), ⑨OP348 (loyal blue), ⑩OP349 (ultra blue), ⑪OP379 (smoke blue), ⑫OP440 (pansy), ⑬OP460 (indigo), ⑭OP481 (grape) and ⑮OP511 (lamp black)

* Package Size: H19cm, 4cm in diameter
* 15 blue colored pencils (not watercolor pencils)
* Made in Japan
* Limited Edition / No Restock