10th Anniversary Limited Washi Tape Set - Vol. 2

10th Anniversary Limited Washi Tape Set - Vol. 2

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mt is celebrating their 10th Anniversary, and this is their limited edition design washi tape set in a paper box!  The set comes with 5 beautiful designs which are only available in this limited Anniversary edition.  This is their Volume 2 of their 10th Anniversary set.  The first Volume is also available for very limited quantity.

If you have been crafting for a long time, you probably remember how limited the choices for tape designs were before washi tapes became popular.  Most of them were called deco tape made of plastic material that you needed to use scissors to cut each time.  And often designs were only kawaii or cute designs.  
Kamoi Kakoshi Co. Ltd. established in 1923 and a major industrial masking tape manufacturer created a change in 2007 when three women who love crafting requested them to create colorful masking tapes for craft use. 

The original usage of washi tape known as a masking tape is mainly for painting and construction industry and automobile manufacturing industry to mask off areas that should not be painted, and its key element is to be able to remove the tape without leaving a residue or damaging the surface of the area the tape was applied.  Different materials are used for masking tapes in the world, but in Japan, Japanese traditional paper called washi paper is the popular material for them, and by using paper for the tape, you can tear the tape by hand.  The colors of such tapes were vivid and simple but limited in color variation.

As a masking tape manufacturer, after continuous process of trial and error, in November 2007, Kamoi finally released their very first craft masking tapes in 20 different color variation.  They named their tapes "mt" after Masking Tape.  Today masking tape for craft use is known as washi tape in the world from its material and loved by so many people who love crafting.

* Size: 1.5cm x 7m (0.6 inch x 7.6 yards)
* Made in Japan
* acid /lignin free
* More mt HERE

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