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10th Anniversary Limited Edition Green Tin - Black


To celebrate 10th anniversary of the traveler's notebook, Midori made a special tin can with mini-sized traveler's notebook which can fits in your hand. You can customize the notebook refill with your favorite paper (bind and stapler it) and a mini charm and stickers which are also included in the kit (see 1st picture). You can use the tin can to store your regular size refill, your craft supplies etc.  Limited quantity.

Please note that an application to answer the required sections to win a white Traveler's notebook or other 10th anniversary items is included, but the due date for this has passed now.

* Tin can box color: Green
* Tin can box size: H23.3xW12.4xD4.3cm (9.17"x4.88"x1.69")
* Mini leather cover color: BLACK
* Mini leather cover size: H4.7xW3.2xD0.6cm (1.85"x1.25"x0.23")
* Mini cotton bag: H8.8xW4.2xD0.2cm (3.46"x1.65"x0.07")
* Mini notebook kit (Refill notebook): H4.1xW4.4cm (1.61"x1.73")
--- cover page (10 sheets)
--- title page (10 sheets)
--- lined MD paper white (5 sheets)
--- grid MD paper white (5 sheets)
--- blank MD paper white (5 sheets)
--- lined MD paper cream (5 sheets)
--- grid MD paper cream (5 sheets)
--- blank MD paper cream (5 sheets)
* Mini brass charm: Diamater0.7cmx0.3cm (0.27"x0.11")
* Sticker: H21cmxW11cm (8.26"x4.33")
* Assembly guide of how to make mini notebook refill)
* 10th Anniversary guide
* Application postcard for 10th campaign

* Limited Quantity / No Restock