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100th Anniversary Limited Edition Washi Tape - Croquis


This is a 100th Anniversary limited edition cute washi tape by Maruman Co. Ltd in collaboration with Japanese illustrator Midori Asano.  The design of this tape is their popular sketch notebook CROQUIS.

We are so happy to introduce Maruman's 100th Anniversary limited edition products finally!  Maruman Co. Ltd. was established in 1920 by the founder Koichi Iguchi whose dream was to produce a sketch notebook for children where they can draw their dreams.  In 2020, they celebrated their 100th Anniversary, and this May they released their Anniversary products.  We know many stationery shops were planning a special display and events to celebrate and support Maruman's Anniversary, but like us many of them had to be minimized or even cancelled due to the COVID-19.  So we are extra happy that we can finally celebrate their special Anniversary with you!

* Size: 1.5cm x 5m (0.6" x 5.4 yards)
* Material: washi paper
* Illustrator: Midori Asano
* Made in Japan
* Limited Edition / Limited Quantity