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Marker Pen - Shikiori 四季織

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If you are a fountain pen user, you might have heard of the name SAILOR known for their quality fountain pen.  This is their new double sided marker pens named "四季織マーカー (Shikiori Marker)" that each color represents Japanese seasons.  We translated the color chart in English, so please check the 2nd picture for the color variation and meaning of each color.  You can choose from 20 colors or a set of 20 colors in a plastic storage case.

We had a chance of meeting people form SAILOR last week, and they said that they produced these marker pens to introduce the fun of Japanese colors.  Originally this Shikiori series is their fountain pen inks which has became very popular since the release, and this time they produces these markers with the same colors of this original fountain pen inks so that people who do not use fountain pen can enjoy these colors.

We tested the pens with our Traveler's Notebook insert, Hobonichi and MD notebooks, and they do not bleed through, and the writing experience is great.  We are sure you will enjoy these pens!  As the tip is softer than regular marker pens, you can enjoy a little like brush pen like writing experience at the wide pen tip side.  Please see the 3rd picture when used.

SAILOR established in 1911 in Hiroshima Japan is known for its attitude of "be the first to create something new" among stationery makers here.  SAILOR is the first company who produced the first made in Japan fountain pen, ball-point pen  and brush pen.  This time, their "new" is to produce maker pens with the same colors of fountain pen inks.

* Double-ended markers including a finer tip.
* Colors: 20 colors, please check our 2nd picture
* Brand: SAILOR
* Next Restock: 2 to 4 weeks

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