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Zig Clean Color Dot Marker


Kuretake Zig Clean Color Dot markers are so fun to play with.  It is a dual tip marker with a 0.5mm fine tip on one end and a flexible dot tip on the other end.  What is so fun about this pen is that you can draw various sizes of dots by adjusting the pressure applied to the pen tip.  Available in 12 beautiful colors individually or in a set.

It is much easier to actually see how it works, so HERE is the video (video credit to @momolovespaper). We asked our good friend Momo to try them on her Traveler's Notebook, and she made a video for you to see how it works.  You can see how she makes different sizes of dots by adjusting the pressure to the pen.

Also one of our customers @yu_techo offered us to share some of her pictures where she beautifully used these markers on her Hobonichi techo.  We hope you will enjoy these markers!!

* Dual tip marker
* 0.5mm fine tip & flexible dot tip
* Available in 12 colors
* Made in Japan