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VersaMagic Stamp Ink - Midnight Black


VersaMagic from Tsukineko is acid free water based pigment and can be used on coated/noncoated paper, vellum, photo, leather, unpainted wood, polymer clay and terracotta.  It dries fast on normal paper, so it is not suitable for embossing power.  The color works great on dark color paper as well.

VersaMagic series has 36 different colors in its collection which are all available in our shop.  From trying different inks by ourselves and also asking Tsukineko for recommendation, VersaMagic is one of the inks that do not bleed through Traveler's Notebooks and other notebooks papers, so if you are looking for such ink for your TN, this may be your choice!  VersaMagic in drop shape is great to apply ink in detail.  Also the case can be connected to each other, so you can connect your inks for better organize.

* Size: 5cm x 3cm (2in x 1.2in)
* INK: water-based pigment ink
* Acid Free
* Made in Japan
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