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Sunny Sunday Notebook - Slim


We are so excited to have this beautiful Sunny Sunday notebook customized in the size to fit in Traveler's Notebook regular size!  The paper used for this notebook is not MD paper of regular Traveler's notebook inserts, but the high quality paper is used and we love it.  We tried Sarasa Clip pens and Versamagic stamping inks on this paper, and they do not bleed through the paper.

The notebook is bound using stitched binding method.  The paper is creamy color white (not bright white) with 5mmx5mm grids, and it is very smooth.

Don't forget to read our exciting trip to Sunny Sunday shop in our blog to know where all these beautiful Sunny Sunday items are born:

* SIZE: 11cm x 21cm (4.33in x 8.25in)
* 34 sheets
* Made in Japan

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