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Sumikkogurashi Charging Cable Mascot - Tonkatsu

by San-X
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This is an adorable Sumikkogurashi charging cable mascot to prevent the cable being damaged.  Please see the 3rd picture for how to use (in different design).  This product can be used for iPhone charging cable or a cable whose width is within 2.9mm to 3.6mm.  Please do not use this for a cable wider than that.

**How to Use**
(1) Before using, check the cable to make sure that it is not damaged.
(2) Put the enclosed little cable cover over the cable.
(3) P
ush the hole on the back of the mascot to open up a little.
(4) Push the cable gently in the hole.
(5) Slide the mascot to the position shown in the 3rd picture.
(6) Flip the mascot over.

* Size: 4cm x 3cm (1.57" x 1.18")
* 1 cable mascot & 1 cable cover
* Made in Japan
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