Bunny Washi Sticker Roll

Bunny Washi Sticker Roll

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This is a cute bunny sticker roll where cute stickers are attached to a tape, so you can simply pull the tape and pick the sticker you like.  The 3rd picture (of different design roll) shows how it works.  There are some sticker rolls in the similar system such as Bande stickers, but what we love about this is that you can pick a sticker of what you like instead of waiting for the same design to come in turn.  You can just pull the tape, chose and remove the sticker from the tape, and roll the tape back.

This "Muchan" bunny is the original characters by a Japanese illustrator Tomo N. in collaboration with Mind Wave.

* Size: 2cm x 2m (0.7" x 2yards)
* Quantity: 104 stickers
* Made in Japan
* More Mind Wave Items HERE

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