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Study Planning Notebook - Blue

by Gakken

This is a study planning notebook that you can plan your study habit.  The pages are not dated, so you can start using this right on the day that you receive this.  The notebook comes with pages that you can plan your time table from Monday to Sunday, daily schedule, 6 months plan, monthly plan, weekly plan, hourly plan and exam schedule.  At the end of the page, there are few memo pages, too.

Study planner has been very popular in Japan lately among students who spend most of the day at school.  However, this planner has been popular also among non students who have a habit of doing something every day for a shorter period of time to achieve something such as learning a language for one hour every day, running to participate in a marathon race and dieting.

What we love about this planner is that the pages are not dated, so you can start using it righto on the day that you receive it.  Also it comes with a page of 6 months schedule, so you can plan your several products together on the same page.  Another thing we love is the monthly planning page.  As 6th picture shows, you see two months monthly page side by side, so you can plan in two months time frame.

Also the weekly section comes at the beginning of the daily planning page, so you can check your weekly schedule and then plan your daily to-dos.  At the bottom of the daily section, there is a little time schedule square box that you can color to keep track of how long you spent on your project on that day.

This is of course great for student as it origianly is a study planning notebook, but it has more possibility for your planning your project!

* Size: 15.3cm x 16.5cm (6”x6.5")
* Page: 160 pages in total (for 6 months use)
* Brand: Gakken
* Made in Japan
* This is a hard cover notebook.