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YOHAKU Collage Washi Tapes - Tsugihagi

by Yohaku

This is a beautiful simple collage washi tape titled "tsugihagi" from Yohaku.  The direct translation of tsugihagi is patchwork in Japanese, but tsugihagi is more closer to collage that you repeats the process of adds (tsugi) and remove (hagi) to create the work.

Kaori, the designer of Yohaku washi tapes, collects bits and pieces of old papers and creates her beautiful collage art work in a washi tape.  Yohaku means "space/blank" in Japanese, and normally beautiful design refers to the design itself, but the beautify of her designs appears in "yohaku" in the design.  Enjoy the minimalistic beautify of her art work!

* Measurement: 1.5cmx10m (0.6"x11yards)
* Brand: Yohaku

* Made in Japan
* Limited Quantity / No Restock

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