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KITTA Stickers - Message W001

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A handy portable washi tape sticker set in a cute package great for decorating your planners and journals, taping a picture & postcard and lots more!  Each sticker is pre-cut to 5cm long, and you can slide into your planners or put it in your pen case.  A set comes with 10 sheets of 3 different designs.

Gold part is hot-stamped in gold which makes the part shine in reflection of gold.

The left of the first picture shows when the package cover is closed.  You can tuck the cover in the bottom (the white area that says KITTA) to keep it closed.

* Size: 2.1cm x 5cm (0.82" x 1.96")
* Material: washi tape
* Quantity: 30 stickers
* 3 designs, 10 sheets per design

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