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Gekkoso is an art supply store in Ginza Japan founded in 1917. Ever since the opening of the store, it has been loved and supported by customers looking for pure beauty of color. The art supply store is on the ground floor, and in the basement they have a small gallery and cafe with a space for letter supplies. Beautiful shop name Gekkoso which means "The moonlight" in Japanese comes from a poem gifted to the shop by a famous poet Akiko Yosano, "You walked by from the moon in the sky, shining day and night", and its trademark is a horn which represents "gathering friendship".

They take pride in selling only their original items and holding 26 patent rights at the moment. In 1940, they created the color “Cobalt Blue”, the first made in Japan paints, and then they created “Cobalt Violet Pink” also known as “Gekkoso pink” which was rewarded first place in the World oil paint Competition in 1971 in France.

“Sense of color is a lifetime treasure, we would like to provide high quality art supplies so people can feel the touch of the genuine article”, commented the owner.