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Limited Edition SARASA Select Pen - Toy Story Refill Inks

by Disney

This is a limited edition ZEBRA x Toy Story collaboration SARASA Select refill inks in 5 different colors.  The pen width is 0.5mm.  The ink is the same as SARASA CLIP gel ink ball-point pen of ZEBRA's high quality water-based pigment gel ink which writes very smooth in crisp lines.  Adorable Toy Story edition designs are printed on the refill cartridge.

Choose from 10 colors: Black, Red, Green, Pink, Orange, Light Blue, Cobalt Blue, Gold, Shiny Green and Shiny Pink.

Please note that these are refill ink, so you need a pen body to use them.  There are a limited edition matching Toy Story edition pen bodies available in our Writing Tools collection.

* 10 different colors 
* Pen width: 0.5mm

* ZEBRA x Toy Story collaboration
* Limited Edition / No Restock