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Classiky x Kata Kata Handmade Ceramic Tray - Bear

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This is a cute handmade ceramic "mamezara" or mini plate by Classiky x Katazome artist unit Kata Kata great for storage small things such as clips, pins, tapes, stamps, jewelry, or some sweets like cookies, chocolates etc. These plates are made by transferring the design printed on washi paper to a ceramic ware by using a traditional "Inbante" method. Please enjoy the handmade imperfection of color/tones of each plate which gives unique characteristics to the plates.

**What is mamezara?**
"mame" means "tiny as bean" and "zara" means "plate", so Mamezara refers to a Japanese small plate that can fit into your palm. Their unique patterns, shapes and colors add a bit of cuteness to the table. :)

Available in:
- Blue (Small): 7x11x1.3cm (2.8"×4.3"×0.6") 
- Brown (Middle): 8x13.6x1.4cm (3.15"×5.4"×0.6")
- Green (Large) : 9.8x15.8x1.5cm (4×6.2"×0.6")

* Brand: Classiky x Kata Kata Collaboration
* Handmade in Japan
* Approx. Restock Time: one months

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