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Bande Washi Stickers - Clover BDA253

by Bande

Newest bande stickers-like washi tapes are here!  You can peel each sticker from the roll to use just like a sticker.  As this is still a washi tape, you can remove and reposition it without leaving a residue on the paper just like a washi tape!

Bande is a stationery brand by Nishikawa Communications established in 1906 whose strength is printing technique for books and magazines using high quality paper.  After celebrating their 100th birthday, they decided to challenge in washi tape using their high quality printing skill on high quality washi paper, in completely new style which is stickers-like washi tapes.  We love using them to make washi tape circles.  We used to cut each design from the washi tape to make washi tape circles on our planners, but with bande you can skip that time-consuming part.  The roll comes with 200 pieces, so it is reasonable than using stickers for washi tape circles.

* Quantity: 200 pieces of stickers-like washi tape
* Each Petal Size: within 1.4x1.6cm (0.55"x0.62")
* BRAND: Bande
* Made in Japan

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