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Yumi Imai Rubber Stamp - Suzuran


Beautiful Suzuran (lily of the valley in English) rubber stamp designed by Japanese illustrator Yumi Imai great for your craft project and embellishment!  The rubber of this stamp is made of environment friendly resin.

In Japanese, suzuran is written 鈴蘭 (鈴 means bell and 蘭 means lily) which comes from its cute bell-shaped flower.  In France, there is a culture of gifting this flower on May 1st wishing for the recipient's happiness.

* Measurement: 2x4x5.8cm (0.78"x1.57"x2.28")
* Material: Wood, Rubber
* Designer: Yumi Imai

* Made in Japan

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The motifs of Yumi Imai's illustrations are often little flowers and plants you can find on the roadside in Japan.  She lives in a very countryside of Kyoto with lots of nature, and she finds her illustration motif while taking a walk.  She wishes for you to enjoy the nature of Japan through her products.  Her illustrations are drawn by using Japanese traditional paints such as powdered mineral pigments and hide glue.