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Welcome to Cute Things from Japan!

Welcome to Cute Things from Japan!

Welcome to Cute Things from Japan!  My name is Ayako.  I started my little etsy shop back in 2014 in hope of helping my penpals living overseas who were looking for some cute craft and planner supplies from Japan.

In 2015, my sister Junko joined Cute Things from Japan.  Her baby boy Keito was born with hydrocephalus that requires weekly visits to the hospital and daily home rehabilitation, and she was looking for a new career that allows her to work more flexible.  So we decided to work together at my house while taking care of her boy together with my little daughter.

Soon we started to dream about having our own little physical shop in town.  At first, it was just a big big dream.  Neither of us thought we would actually start working on it because we both have small children, the rent in Tokyo is very expensive, our husbands could faint if they find out about our crazy big dream...  But one day, one of us said, "Maybe we should take a pause from finding a hundred of reasons that we cannot have a shop.  Let's find just one reason that we SHOULD have our shop."  And we both said "We want to meet our customers."

We are a web shop based in Japan, so basically we cannot meet you.  But if we have a shop, maybe some of you may decide to visit Tokyo one day and stop by to say hi to us.  We realized that what we dreamed about was not about our physical shop but to meet and welcome our wonderful customers.  We said, "Let's do it!"

On September 1st in 2018, we finally opened our tiny little shop in Ota-ku Tokyo.  On the opening day, many people from different countries came to celebrate our opening.  We had good talks and laughs, and we were so happy to see their happy face when they found something they liked in the shop.  We had an amazing time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support to date.  We are truly thankful.  Thank you very very much.  We know this could not have happened without your kind support for us.  Thank you very much!  We try our best to offer a place where you can find nice and cute things from Japan.

And if you ever decide to visit Tokyo in the future, please put our Tokyo shop in your visit list!  We have a little extra room in the shop where you can play with washi tapes, stamps, pens etc.  Please bring your notebook with you!

Again thank you very much for your kind support to our little shop.  We hope you will find something that you like in our shop!

Best wishes,
Ayako, Junko, Hikari and Keito

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Susan Jensen - September 20, 2017

Hello to both of you clever women? I have purchased a few times from your lovely shop and am always so happy with everything you send me and the lovely way you package it all. I love your shop and admire you both for what you do.

Sierou - September 3, 2017

First of all: Congratulations with your website and wegstore!

I couldn’t find you on Etsy, but so happy to see you here! Good luck with your shop. I hope everything is fine with you all?


Lee - August 23, 2017

Hi Ayako! Congratulations on your new webstore. I have purchased multiple times from your store and each parcel has been a delight to receive, even the stamps on the parcel are lovely. I am a very happy repeat customer. Thank you for making it possible for us overseas people to purchase items that we love from Japan. I wish you and your sister success with your new business.

Angie Partridge - August 17, 2017

I received my little parcel today with a few stationery items, it was the best packed( lots of well packed items to protect them, but also the prettiest presented parcel I have ever received.
I love the little touches and will be promoting you and buying from you again.
thank you so much for making me smile at the end of a very difficult working day, I wish you both the very best wishes and luck in your new business – BEST EVER PARCEL xxx

Anne - August 13, 2017

Away from Etsy, but back with something even better!! Your webshop looks great and I’ve just ordered here for the first time, certainly not the last I can predict :)
Your packages are such a pleasure to receive, everything is so thoughtful and refined… And the customer service is the best I have ever experienced! Thanks for being back in business!! With love from the Netherlands

Gaby - August 12, 2017

I’m so happy you opened a new store! I was very worried you closed your etsy store because you were sick! I am glad I checked again and found your new place! I hope you can bring more Antique Tokyo stamps :) Thanks for shipping my items fast. I just received them and I love my bmg washi tapes and pretty stamps! Good luck to your sister and her beautiful baby boy! Congratulations on this new website! Greetings from Ohio, USA!!!!

Angela - August 9, 2017

Congratulations with your new webshop! I’ve just recived the items I orded. Still a very happy customer. I love the newsletter that comes with the items. Best of luck!

Glenda - August 3, 2017

Hi Ayako! Congratulations on the new website!! I’ve been stalking your etsy shop, hehe but saw your shop through momolovespaper’s insta stories! I just purchases a few things but was wondering, if you were going to get more of the Traveler’s notebook big stickers? I put the pouch in my cart but wanted to purchase that as well so I won’t be paying double or triple the shipping, figured do one big package instead. I have other things i want to purchase along with these.

Again thank you in advance! And CONGRATULATIONS!! Hope all is well and that you’re feeling better! Sorry if I wasn’t suppose to put this here but I didn’t know how else to contact you.


Eva - August 3, 2017

Wow, wow, wow!!!! You two did such a fantastic job!!! What a beautiful shop! You can be proud and I am sure that you make a lot of people só happy with the amazing items!!! love from Holland

Davelyn - August 3, 2017

Congrat’s on your new web shop. I am so excited for you and your sister. Your shop on etsy was awesome – so many fantastic things. I wish the both of you continued success.

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